System Overview
Welcome Welcome to the "Multimodal Affective & Reactive Characters" website.

The MARC tool-kit is a set of tools designed to create and animate virtual characters that interact with users in real-time. MARC was originally designed as part of M. Courgeon PhD work at LIMSI-CNRS, France, and is now developed accordingly to ongoing research projects.

MARC provide many tools to create new characters and modify facial and postural animations. All tools are designed to be user-friendly and daily evolve to increase ease of use and effectiveness. The toolkit is built on a custom graphic engine based on OpenGL and other open-source API, and thus, does not require any licence to 3rd-party 3D engine.

Several Virtual Reality system are supported by the rendering engine: Two Cave systems, most 3D screens, and the Oculus Rift (SK1 and SK2).

MARC is designed to be easily integrated in all kind of research, such as affective computing researches, psychotherapy studies, artistic setups, and so on. 3rd-party softwares can communicate with MARC and control the animation remotely through sockets and BML messages.

System Overview